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Yoga Moment

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v1.7 (Apr. 14, 2011)

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Product Description:

Yoga Moment provides graceful and attractive yoga tunes with a far-eastern aroma. This app aims not only to help you relax at your leisure time, but also can be set as the background music when practicing Yoga. The total length of music pieces in the full version is about 60 minutes, just the same as a normal Yoga class hour. With melodies implying a natural harmony, it is for all to enjoy the enlightenment and refreshment brought by Yoga.

Easy Operating and Background Images Slide Show in Yoga Moment help you to enjoy a comfortable involvement while listening. With aural and visual delights, you may feel yourself entering the gate to a Shangri-La-like place.

Now the latest version enables you to create your favorites playlist with blue "clover" marks. When encountering an impressive tune, mark it as your favorite and it will be placed to top of the default playlist.


New Features in Yoga Moment v1.7

- The latest version of Yoga Moment enables you to create your favorites playlist with blue "clover" marks.
- More tunes added
- Other minor improvements


Yoga, a word of Sanskrit origin, carries a meaning of "to control", "to yoke" or "to unite". It is a practice which emphasizes self control both in mind and physical movements, further to unite one's body and soul to achieve an optimum state.

Ancient Hindus believed that man is an integral part of nature, thus we shall live in a harmony with the outside world. Practicing Yoga helps us to perceive subtle changes inside our bodies which are similar to those natural changes. In this way we can get a better understanding of ourselves.

It is said that mental immunity and self-healing can also be boosted in one's mind, regarded as an instinctive adjustment to natural environments. Therefore practicing Yoga is not only good for physical health, but also by applying its theory to daily life we can promote our mental wellness.

Constantly listening to Yoga music, we can relax and refresh our minds as well as stimulate our inner potentials. We need refreshment to be more energetic, and self control to be more efficient. Here we let the music be our guidance, awakening our inherent power to heal our minds, which has been burdened with too much pressure.

Let's begin a spiritual enlightenment through Yoga Moment.


- 15 soothing yoga tunes

- Slide show of varied background images

- Set your favorite tunes to Top of the playlist

- Both for relaxation and practicing Yoga

- Music length equal to a Yoga class hour


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