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Office Yoga

Easy-to-learn Yoga Classes in Your Office



v1.5 (Nov. 08, 2010)


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Product Description:

Office Yoga is a health application for Android users with nine sets of easy yoga movements, which you can practice for relaxation and refreshment.

Working at the desk all years round leads to arthritis and vertebra diseases. Lack of exercise further causes various health problems such as bad blood circulation, decreased immunity, etc.

With yoga stretch poses specially designed for office workers, this app does help to relieve your backache, arthral and vertebra pains. It can further prevent and cure certain occupation diseases. Office Yoga provides images and instructions showing how to do, functional-pages and tips used for learning more. Practicing whenever and wherever you like, you will suddenly feel refreshed from a tiresome situation.

Wanna feel totally relaxed? Just have a try!


- Nine sets of easy-to-learn office yoga postures packed.

- Helps to alleviate arthral and vertebral pains. Boost your health as well as immunity.

- Sharp images and detailed instructions in both text and audio forms.

- Additional Function-Pages to inform you of benefits concerned.

- Useful tips applicable to all yoga movements.

- BGM set, easy operating, etc.


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