Customize Your Android's LED Alert in Your Way!



v2.1 (Apr 07, 2011)


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Product Description:

Everyone knows the problem: You don't want the phone to ring but still want to know when someone is calling. The internal orange-LED-notification is too dark and you don't know if it's a mail, SMS or call ...

Blink lets you customize your system and more LED alerts in your way!


New Features in Blink 2.1 (Apr. 07, 2011):
Minor updates and code optimization.


Blink extends your default Android LED alert system and allows you to customize LED color for SMS/MMS, Incoming Call/Missed Call, and Low Battery/Memory (more features will come soon).

With a few simple LED tests you will be able to add a group of favorite LED colors in for these notifications. By customizing the LED colors and frequency in your way, you can check any alerts with a quick glance at the LED light. Blink keeps the LED flashing alerts for you.

Product Features:

- LED Color Test Function to Check Device LED Support Status

- New SMS & MMS LED Color & Frequency Adjustment

- Missed Call LED Color & Frequency Adjustment

- New Phone Call LED Color & Frequency Adjustment

- Low Battery LED Color & Frequency Adjustment

- Low System Memory LED Color & Frequency Adjustment


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