Self-Hypnosis for Sound Sleep

Self-Hypnosis for Sound Sleep

Enjoy Sound Sleep With The Incredible Power Of Self Hypnosis!



v1.5 (Nov. 4, 2011)

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Product Description:

Getting a great night of sleep every night is so important. When you get a great night of sleep, you wake up feeling more refreshed and alive each day. Your energy is up and it's so much easier to be in a great mood when you're had a good night of sleep.

Self-Hypnosis for Sound Sleep is designed to do two things for you. First, it's designed to help you get to sleep easier at night by learning to relax and let go of any worries or stress you might still be holding onto. And secondly, it's designed to develop a new sleeping pattern of sleeping soundly and peacefully throughout the night. This pattern is developed with the help of your subconscious mind which will follow the new sleeping pattern once the new pattern has become established.


New Features in Version 1.5 (Last updated: Nov. 4, 2011)

- Full version of Self-Hypnosis for Sound Sleep now available on Android Market! 

- Free for usage with limit on repeat option instead of 7-day trial!

- Improved sound quality

- Other minor improvement


Listen to Self-Hypnosis for Sound Sleep when you're ready to go to sleep at night. Make sure to listen to it for a minimum of two to three weeks till you're able to sleep soundly without the aid of the hypnosis session. Then listen to it after the first few weeks whenever you feel it's appropriate. A sound and peaceful sleep will accompany you at night if you listen to it regularly.

Product Features:

- Beautifully designed user interface and animation

- Playback progress control

- Built-in volume control

- Background brainwave setting

- Playback repeat setting

- Tips for quieting your mind

- Screen timeout control

This application is developed in collaboration with certified Hypnotherapists and practitioners in the International Hypnotherapy Association. Our Brainwave and Hypnotherapy products have helped many thousands of people all over the world regain control over stress symptoms, addictions, and bad habitual behaviors.

Please note this is not an alternative to medical treatment.


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