Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

Amazing Alpha Wave Set to Comfort Your Mind



v2.5 (Oct. 19, 2011)

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Product Description:

'Music Therapy for Sound Sleep' is another android music application based on the famous EEG to optimize human brains. For a necessary sound sleep, low speed Alpha wave (8Hz to 9Hz) set in this app will comfort your mind, assisting you to fall asleep smoothly.

Totally different from the so-called leisure music, subliminal music therapy embeds Alpha waves to various musical pieces by delicately setting the rhythm to a certain frequency, while stimulating imagination with certain sound effects. Listening to the music, our sub-consciousness is awakened. It is guiding us to a brand new discovery of our potentials, to relaxation, and to creativity.


New Features in Version 2.5 (Last updated: Oct 19, 2011)

- The bug that "the music ends after 15 minutes' playing" fixed.

- When a phone call comes, both the music and sounds will pause until the call is ended.

- Other Minor improvements


Enrich Your Imagination with a Sound Mixer in the Latest Version!

The Latest Version of Music Therapy for Sound Sleep provides a group of relaxing natural sounds for you to choose and mix, creating your own fantastic ocean scenes. These sounds help enrich your imagination thus to further relax in a pleasant surroundings with ocean waves and soothing rains. It is totally up to you to customize each track with one or several ambient sounds, with volume bars separated from the main piano melodies.

Music Therapy for Sound Sleep Deluxe Edition (Full Version) provides a total of 8 music pieces and 12 ambient sounds with more choices to customize your way to a sound sleep.

Knowing about Alpha wave:

Alpha wave, one of the four fundamental brainwaves, has a frequency ranging from 8Hz to 12Hz. This leads to a sub-conscious state of mind, where we stay relaxed, concentrative and full of inspirations. However, in a busy modern life we suffer continuous stress and exhaustion. It seems so impossible to slow down your pace to enjoy such an amusing state. For the increasing loss of Alpha wave, our brains are either too alert or in a negative daze.

How to achieve Low Speed Alpha Wave in one's brain?

Low Speed Alpha Wave has a frequency from 8Hz to 9Hz, which stimulates a state at which one is nearly asleep and cannot think clearly. To generate such a frequency in one's mind, binaural beats are applied. For example, if the left ear is presented with a steady tone of 500Hz and the right ear a steady tone of 508Hz, these two tones combine in the brain. The difference, 8Hz, is perceived by the brain and is a very effective stimulus for brainwave entrainment.

Relaxing, and entering the realm of sub-consciousness. See your dreams rising with ocean waves and melancholy piano. Feel the infinite tranquility generated by peaceful melodies.


- Tunes with low speed Alpha waves

- Ambient Sound Mixer with a group of natural sounds

- Elegant interfaces and varied music themes

- Elaborate descriptions

- Increase sleeping quality and relaxed state


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