Dog Teaser Sound Box

Dog Teaser Sound Box

Motivate Your Dogs While Having Fun



v1.3 (Sep. 30, 2010)


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Product Description:

We love our dogs. They are family, but it doesn't stop us from having some fun with them...

The Dog Teaser Sound Box is designed to do just that! Simply press the big button or shake your Android smartphone, and wait to see how your furry friends react. Surprised or confused? It is gonna be fun!

Well, have fun! But try not to overdo it.

Product Features:

- Press the button or shake your device to play. Catch your furry friend off-guard!

- Continuous play setting, press or shake to stop

- Timed play setting. Set up the timer and give your puppy a total surprise!

- 20 well-selected sound effects for you and your puppy, with more to be added

20 sound effects to select from:

1. Dog Bark 

2. Dog Growl 

3. Dog Howling

4. Dog Sniffing 

5. Bell Ringing 

6. Door Bell

7. Phone Ring 

8. Cat Meow 

9. Squeaky Balloon

10. Candy Bar Wrappers 

11. Squeaky Toy

12. Door Knock 

13. Keys 

14. Thunder

15. Siren 

16. Police Siren 

17. Fireworks

18. Human Whistle 

19. Dog Whistle

20. Bird Sound

Tell us how you like it and give us your feedbacks, we will add more sound effects and make this app more fun! Support:

Important Note:

This app is designed for dog-owners to play with their puppies, and to have a little fun with our furry friends. It is by no means intended to annoy or intimidate our puppies. If your dog demonstrates noticeable resentment towards certain sound effects, please stop using them immediately.


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